Parents in Action

Please help "Pro Tragedia en el Peru" Fund provide food and aid for families suffering from disastrous flooding in Huancavelica, Peru by Clicking the "Donate" button.
Por favor, ayude al Fondo "Pro Tragedia en el Perú" a proporcionar alimentos y ayuda a las familias que sufren inundaciones desastrosas en Huancavelica, Perú haciendo clic en el botón "Donate".

Centro de Recuperación
Vida Sana
: Cuenca, Ecuador

Padres En Acción Protegiendo familias y comunidades

 Pro Tragedia en el Peru: Lluvias, Inundaciones
y Huaycos

To Protect, Preserve, and Strenghten the Family, the Cell of Human Society. To make of every member of the Family, a Leader, an active agent of social improvement, ready to Defend the Human Rights of not only his Family, but of All members of Society.

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