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Family Preservation
  • Rolando Bini
  • OSHA Expert

We understand the great responsibility of preserving the united family despite the internal contradictions that may arise due to migration and dysfunction of couples due to the daily pressures to which we are all exposed. Added to this is economic pressure that hits family budgets every day and determines in many cases the breakdown of couples.

For this reason we have created a space that allows couples and families at risk to receive help to improve their quality of life. We consider that the family is the natural cell of human society and when it breaks, a spiral takes place towards the bottom of the barrel of the whole society.

We offer courses and workshops that help strengthen the family, from an experiential point of view. We respect all religions and points of view that, due to their traditions, condition people's behavior many times, and yet we seek that they join a philosophy more focused on family unity.

Our message has a spiritual background that seeks to heal and harmonize relationships between all family members, both in person and in their countries of origin.

Duration: 4 hours
Schedule: Saturday | 0:00am - 0:00pm
Cost: Free (Group discounts available)