Due to the present War on Our Children by the State and its politically correct allies, Children Need Both Parents in a Strong Relationship of Purpose, Harmony, and Unity in order to Protect Them from the Army of Predators Set Upon Them

Current Changes

We have to Give Credit to the present ACS Commissioner John Mattingly for the changes that he has already implemented and the ones he envisions. The small changes that former ACS Commissioner William Bell started, have become significant changes with present Commissioner Mattingly. In that sense we can only support him, although we recognize that there is only so much one can do to humanize a system based on false premises. Commissioner Mattingly honest efforts to Humanize the System, will work only to a certain point. It is the Nature of this System, like that of the Wolf to be a Carnivore and a Predator and well intentioned efforts to change its Nature will eventually hit the reality that the Nature of this System (by design) is that of the Wolf. It is not that the Wolf is "bad". The nature of the Wolf is to prey and devour those who are weak. In the long run we need to design a very different Child Welfare System, based on realities, not in irrational ideas, even if they are not politically correct.

One of the fundamental points of any Sane Child Welfare System is the fact that Parents are the Best Protectors of their Children. If this was not the case, we would have disappeared as a species millions of years ago. No amount of money or even best intentions can sustitute those forces of nature that make Parents sacrifice everything, even their lives for their Children. To think that a bureacrat would care more about a Child that is not his/her own than their Parents is to believe that pigs fly or either the product of a very sick mind.

The case of the ACS attorneys, so-called Law Guardians, and Family Court Judges is really pathetic since all of them are Lawyers. Lawyers by their very profession master the art of lying and deception. Now, to believe that they could care about strangers' Children more than their Natural Protectors, their Parents, demands a leap of faith beyond normal mental processes. They seem to have eventually believed their own deceptions.

The Best Interest of the Child is for that Child to Be with his/her Parents

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