(Parenting Classes) - Course Description
To be given in 7 weeks for a total of 14 Hours

1. The Joy of Parenting:

l Celebrating Life with your Child

l Total and unconditional Love. Let Your Child Know that Your Love is non-negotiable

l A Safe, Peaceful and Loving environment

l Make Your Home a Safe Place for Your Children. Safety Precautions. Avoiding accidents

l Children are for Hugging, and so are Parents. Your Child, a Bundle of Love

l Your Children, a Very Beautiful and Special Gift that Life Gives You: Treausure Them

l The Sanctity of the Family Home

l The Infinite Power of Love. Love, the Best Therapy, the Eternal Healer

l To Be Born Human is a Rare Privilege.

l Never Get Tired of Reminding Your Child of How Grateful You are to Life (or God) for Their Presence

l Rejoice for their Presence in Your Life

l Your Children: the Center of Your Universe

l Becoming Partners with the Very Creator. A Journey Together

2. Parent's Responsibility:

l Your Most Important Job

l The Challenge of Being a Parent. Responsible Parenthood

l Once You Become a Parent, Your Priorities and Your Life Change

l You are Totally responsible for the Future of Your Child

l A Job for Life: Sacrifice Now or Pay Painfully Later

l Parents: Natural Protectors and Best Protectors of Their Children

l Fathers as Equal Partners. Helping Fathers Fulfill Their Mission

l Protecting Your Child from Self-Injury

l Protecting your Children from predators

l Television and Internet: Controlling its access to Your Children

l Explaining Reality to your Child: War on the Family

l Your Children: Protect Them, Love Them, Serve Them

l Don't Let Others Define You or Your Issues: Whoever Sets the Frame, Wins

3. Child Development:

l Developmental Stages: Physical, Mental, Emotional

l Pregnancy. Your Child learns all the time. Natural Child Birth, Natural Child Care

l Baby. Breastfeeding. Follow Your Instincts, not the Commercials. Plenty of Sleep

l Toddler. Learning to Walk and Talk. Exploring the World. Social and Motor Skills

l Child: Need for Plenty of Exercise. The Inquisitive Mind

l Adolescent: Physical and Psychological changes. Search for Identity. Independence: Confrontation with Parents and other Adults. Developing Relationships.

l Psychologists: Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler, and Carl Jung

l Controversial Thinkers: Bronislav Malinowski, Marshall McLuhan, and Wilhelm Reich.

l Educators: Maria Montessori, Paulo Freire, and Alexander Neill.

l Sex as a Natural part of Life. Be Proud of Your Sexuality. Be Proud to Be in Harmony with the Universe.

4. Your Child Uniqueness:

l Every Child is Different

l You are just the Care Keeper

l Let Your Child Explore the World. Your Child the Explorer, the Inquiring Mind, the Inventor

l Respect is a two way street

l Give your Child choices: positive decision making

l Attitudes: Never Problems, only Challenges and Solutions

l Self-Confidence and Self Esteem

l Self-Control, Self-Discipline, and Self-Regulation

l Your Children: Love them All Equally Best

5. Communication with Your Children:

l Talking and Listening

l Acknowledging each other. Communication, the Secret to Success

l Truthfulness and Trust

l Keeping the lines of Communication always open

l Make time to talk to your Child

l Make Sure You Know Your Children's Friends

l Looking for Win-Win Solutions

l Learning From Each Other

6. Behavior and Discipline:

l Self-Discipline: the Ideal

l Why punishment is a bad choice

l Physical punishment and its negative consequences

l Never Try to "Break" a Child

l Never Shake a Baby: Shaken Baby Syndrome

l Freedom and Limits

l Dignity and Confidence

l Get the Best out of Your Child

l Collaboration versus Confrontation

7. Children's Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health:

l Daily Exercise and Sports. ADHD: Myth or Reality

l The Wildestcolts Make the Best Horses

l Proper Nutrition, Optimal Nutrition. Harmonizing the Metabolism

· Allergies, Air Pollution, Stress, Infections, Diseases

l Yoga and Gymnastics. Tai-Chi and Balance. Relaxation

l Martial Arts, self-confidence and self-discipline

l Massage, Acupressure, Reflexology, and the Healing Power of the Hands

l Taking Charge of Your Life: Become your own doctor and your Child's.

l Food, the best medicine. Home remedies. Preventive Medicine

l Vaccinations: your choice and rights

l Reinforcing the Positive. Affirmations and Visualization

l Daily Meditation in the Light. The Power of Sound. The Power of Prayer

l Learning Difficulties: Detecting and Dealing with them. Dyslexia

l Let your Children Know that you are on Their side

8. Family Unit and Extended Family:

l One of the Most Important Decisions in Your Life: Very Carefully Chosing Your Life Partner. Commited, Reliable, and Loyal. Take it as it is. No-one changes anybody

l The importance of the Family and its Survival value. Family the Natural Cell of Society

l The Extended Family as a Resource and Support System

l The role of Grandparents: welcome, but Parents are the ultimate authority

l The value of Collaboration and the Benefit of Team Work

l Siblings Rivalry and Collaboration

l Eating together. Family Talks, Reunions, and Celebrations. The Joy of Being Family

l Unity in the Family. Protecting, Preserving, and Strengthening the Family

l Keeping the Family Together. Loyalty, Faithfulness, Abstinence

l The Best Parent is Both Parents: Children not only Need Both Parents, but have the Right to Have the Presence of Both Parents in Their Lives

9. School and Education:

l The role of Public Schooling

l Teachers, School Guidance Counselors, and Bullies.

l Be active in your Child School. Know the Law and Regulations

l Staying away from Special Ed.

l Give your Child a Real Education. Education not Indoctrination

l Homeschooling as an option

l Teach your Child the Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

l The Culture of Excellence. Aiming High: Reach for the Stars

l Critical Thinking. Freeing Yourself from Conditioning and Taboos. Thinking Out-of-the-Box

l Seeing the Whole Picture. We are Interconnected and Interdependent

10. Society, Culture, Environment, and Peer Pressure:

l Be Proud of Yourself, your Race, your Heritage, and so will be your Child

l Don't try to be what you are not. Children with a Strong Racial/Ethnic Identity are the Highest Achievers

l The powerful role of the Self-Fulfilling Prophesy

l Know Your Past, Dream Your Future, Live Your Present. Be in the Here and Now. Only the Present Exists

l Children of two or more Cultures

l Bilingual Ed. The language Barrier. The Cultural Barrier. The Economic Barrier.

l Beauty and Benefit in Diversity

l Genes, Memes, and Ecology: Knowledge is Power. Know Your Environment, so You Can Transform it

l Build a Real Family so your Child won't have to find one outside

l Heal Yourself, Heal Your Child, Heal Your Family, Heal Society

11. Human Values:

l Truth, Love, Correct Action, Peace, and Non-Violence

l Your Child: the Free Spirit, the Truth Seeker, the Brave Heart, the Justice Lover, the Freedom Fighter

l Personality and Character. Character Building

l The Relativity of the Physical World. Yin and Yang: Hegelian Dialectics

l The Absolute and Eternal Values of the Spiritual World

l Religion and Spirituality

l Respect Your Parents, Respect Your Ancestors, if you expect Your Children to Respect you

l The Value of Abstinence, Temperance, and Sacrifice

l You and Your Child are Spiritual Warriors

l Teach Your Child the Value of Work. Give Your Children Chores.

l Make Your Child Earn his/her allowance: Work, a Great Survival Skill

12. Conflicts, Crisis, Depression, Violence, Separation, Divorce, Remarriage, Drugs, Gangs, Teenage Rebellion, Abuse, including Sexual Abuse:

l Contradictions inside the Family

l Arrested Psychological Developments. Immature Personalities. Unhealthy Attachments.

l Relationships: the Healthy ones are Complementary, the Unhealthy ones foster Dependency

l Dealing with conflicts without State intervention. Help from the Extended family, Friends, and Community

l The Negative effect of Domestic Violence, Separation and Divorce. Keeping the Family together

l The Child Needs Both Parents. Shared Custody, the ideal in Separation or Divorce

l Never Use Your Child as a Weapon Against Your Partner

l The Dangers of being unfaithful. The Disintegration of the Family. Children without Their Natural Protectors

l Help your Child say No. The importance of saying No to Drugs

l Signs of Drugs

l Signs of Abuse. Signs of Sexual Abuse

l Beware of potential enemies of the Family

13. Empowering your Child, Your Family, and Yourself:

l Prepare Your Child to be a Leader, not a Follower. Developing Leadership Skills

l Prepare Your Child for Life: a Responsible Human Being

l Teach your Child with your example: be truthful to yourself

l Your Child as the Ultimate Master of their own Destiny: fostering Self-Determination

l Help Your Child set his or her own Goals

l Fostering Your Child Independence and Leadership, rather than Dependency and Parasitic Behavior

l Power is an Aphrodisiac: on the road to fly on their own.

l Great Energizers: Self-Observation, Attention, Awareness. On the road to Waking Up

l Tenacity. Strengthening Your Will. Unity of Thought, Word, and Deed: Unifying Your Being

l Don't waste your resources. Build Your Future or Bear with it

l Live within your means. Budget your money. Beware of Consumerism

l Save and Invest. Become Financially Independent

l Educating Yourself and your Child, Empowering Yourself and Your Child

l Forgive Everyone, Forgive Yourself

l Convert Your Pain and Anger into Action and Transformation: Rise to the Challenge

l Focus on Keeping Your Children, or Getting Them Back if they are not with You

l Parents, Makers of Human Society and the Most Powerful Force in the World