How the Child Exploitation Complex feeds the Prison Industrial Complex, the Homeless and Mentally Ill Populations: New York City, a case study

Workshop at the New York City Social Forum on October 28th, 2004 at the CUNY Graduate Center


To prove that the Child Exploitation Complex is a mechanism of Social Control set up with the purpose of screening out the Natural Elite of the Black, Latino, and other minorities while they are young to pre-empt them from developing and reaching their full potential and assume the natural role of defending their own, and rather re-directed them to fill the ranks of the Criminal Justice System, the Homeless, and Mentally Ill populations. A pre-emptive strike to destroy the potential challengers while they are still young and thus most vulnerable. That Natural Elite, made out of the natural rebels, the non-conformists, the troublemakers, the wildest colts, is the one who will naturally challenge the status quo and who poses the greatest threat to the ruling elite. The rest, the masses, the mediocre, can easily be controlled with the help of job security/insecurity, fear of losing freedom by imprisonment, the schooling system, the mass media, the entertainment industry, instant gratification, and other tools of mass hypnosis.

To demonstrate with facts, statistics and case stories how the Child Exploitation Complex has been set up to function as a living organism, which at the present time is still in the growing process. How the parameters (both legal and illegal) have been set to produce the desired results, this together with the rewards, punishments, re-enforcers, gatekeepers, pacesetters, etc.

To prove that the Child Exploitation Complex is a gross mass violation of Human and Civil Rights of Children, Parents, and Families. In the specific case of NYC, these Gross, Cruel, and Deliberated Human Rights and Civil Rights Violations have been directed to poor Black and Latino Families, since they together constitute the majority of the NYC population. The design is so efficient that it has a less than 1% margin of error from its target, since this is the percentage of innocent White Families whose rights are also unintentionally violated in this process. This could be called "collateral damage", but it has an almost 100% efficiency in destroying those who the design has been designed for.

To come with practical solutions to dismantle the Child Exploitation Complex and instead of Social Cancer producers, promote Social Healing initiatives that contribute to the Common Good.

Definition of the Child Exploitation Complex:

The Child Exploitation Complex two main components are:
* Special Education Classes in Public Schools
* Foster Care

A broad view of the Child Exploitation Complex with its Support Industries:

I- The “Business with Disease” Industry (sold to the public as the Health System). Beginning of the processing and population control: Forced Vaccinations, promotion of unnatural living conditions, unnatural birthing in hospitals, "legal drugs" addiction, overuse of drugs, sonograms, antibiotics, unnecessary surgery, etc. Second largest referral source for CPS kidnapings. Doctors, Nurses, Hospitals, HMOs. All of them profit from this scheme. The driving force being the Drug Cartel. The main purpose of the MDs, being the Priests of this New Religion of Death is to assure that people become dependent of them, thus assuring easier control. This is part of the Medical/Pharmaceutical Cartel.

II- Schooling Industry (sold to the public as the Education System). Compulsory Dumbing down scheme using Public Schools. Main conditioning mechanism to start preparing the masses to serve their masters. Screening out of potential challengers of the status quo to be directed to Special Education for their destruction. Main referral source of CPS kidnapings. Made out of Teachers, Teacher's Aides, Principals, Superintendents, Custodians, etc, with the help of the so-called School Guidance Counselors.

III- Child Kidnaping Industry: The Enforcers. Made out by the so-called Children Protective Services agencies (ACS in NYC), with the backing of the police, District Attorney and other Law Enforcement agencies. Their mission is to kidnap Children under any possible excuse and arrest and criminalize their parents if possible. They are the greatest Child Abusers in NYC.

IV- Family Court Industry: The Legalizers: Family Court Judges, so-called Law Guardians, Court Appointed Attorneys, Court Officers, Prosecutors. To give an aura of legality to the crimes of this racketeering enterprise. Family Court in NYC is an Institutionalized System of Injustice. They openly violate the IV, IX, XIII, and XIV Amendments of the Constitution and disregard Federal Court Decisions that they find inconvenient to operate their scheme.

V- Foster Care Industry: Hostage Keepers of Innocent Black and Latino Children. Main profiteers of this racketeering scheme. Catholic Charities gets the lion's share in NYC, but other denominations share the spoils. They force kidnaped Children and their Parents into endless "services" which they of course provide and profit from.

VI- Adoption Industry: Slave Auctioneers. Forced and Illegal Adoptions of mostly Black and Latino Children against their Parents wishes. 3,100 last year in NYC. A new form of Slavery. Most of those Children have Parents who desperately want them back. This is a clear case of CHILD SLAVE TRADE. Foster Care represents the continuation in a more sophisticate form of the system of Institutionalized Slavery.

All of Industries working, interdepending and interacting with each other, form a living organism with good levels of communication and even tacit understanding. This set of Industries, namely the Child Exploitation Complex, which acts and reacts as a living organism in very predictable ways, can metaphorally be described as a "Beast". This Beast has its appetites, its preferred tastes, its foods that avoids, and its ever-growing need to expand. If attacked immediately reacts in a certain specific way. It hates publicity since it prefers to operate under the level of awareness of the vast majority of the population.

Inside the so-called Health Industry there is a particularly very poisonous group: the Mental Health Industry. If MDs are the Priest of this New Religion of Death, then Psychiatrists are the High Priests. They together with the help of Psychologists, Clinical Social Workers (CSW), Social Workers, School Guidance Counselors, form the army that spreads Mental Dependency and Mental Disease with the purpose to control people. They are backed up by impressive titles and degrees, posing as "experts" to impress people and demand their total submission, since they are the only ones who are supposed to know. If not so, just hear every commercial that reinforces this message: "Doctor Recommended", or "Consult with your Doctor". Only the near God "authority" of a Doctor, could persuade a husband who is protective of his wife or daughter to encourage them to disrobe to a total stranger. Here I will quote Steve Biko (Freedom Fighter from South Africa): "The most powerful weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed".

The presence of this Mental Health Industry army is felt everywhere in society. They are spread heading Mental Disease and dependency and making sure that no sector of the population escapes their control. Compliance with the design must be imposed at any cost.

An example of the high level of cooperation among its different Industries, is the presence of Nurses, Psychologists, Clinical Social Workers, and School Guidance Counselors (all members of the Health Industry), working for the Schooling Industry (Public School System) to promote, reinforce, and assure compliance with the scheme. Another example would be the ever-growing presence of Police Officers (members of the Child Kidnaping Industry) inside the School premises, not only to enforce compliance with the scheme, but also to directly channel them to the Juvenile Justice System if necessary. This is the first step before they are channeled to the Prison System.

To insure compliance with the design and increase the level of cooperation among its parties, everyone who directly or indirectly works for this scheme is a Mandated Reporter. By law, under penalty of committing a crime, everyone must report any suspicion of Child abuse or neglect. Thus the system has created an effective army of snitches (anonymous informers) to destroy the Family. Everyone knows that informers in their ever-growing desire to please their benefactors will stretch the truth and if necessary invent situations in order to “tip” about someone. This is exactly what happens here. Everyone is encouraged to report everyone else, but those who work for the scheme are Mandated to do so.

The system has been setup in such a way as to encourage false reportings. Any poor Black or Latino Family with Children in NYC, is at the mercy of anyone who wants to hurt them. All it takes is an anonimous free phone call. The person does not have to provide name or whereabouts. Upon this information an army of blood-thirsty predators descend on the Family, ready to tear it apart. They will demand access to the home and the Children; check your refrigerator, your eating habits, your income, etc. They demand that you stand literally naked in front of them, so they can examine your whole life until they can find "something". And sooner or later they will find "something", otherwise they will fabricate it. After all they must find an excuse to kidnap the Children. When the report is made by a Mandated Reporter, they do not even have to worry about anonimity, since the State provides them with immunity.

What the system wants to sell us as the Public Education System is really a mechanism of Social Control, better defined as the Schooling System, since that is what really does. It schools young people on how properly serve their masters. Thirteen years of compulsory conditioning and programming to make servile and complaint mental slaves. The Public Education System main function is to prepare the masses to properly serve the Ruling Elite.

One of the clearest explanations of the Real purpose of Public Schooling is given by New York City and New York State Teacher of the year: John Taylor Gatto. He explains that all the complaints about NYC Public School system alleged failures are nonsense: the system is working exactly as it was designed to function; and that is to dumb down the masses. More funding, better teachers, smaller classes, etc, will only make the scheme more efficient. In his book Dumbing Us Down, when explaining about Intellectual Dependency he writes:

"Good people wait for an expert to tell them what to do. It is hardly an exaggeration to say that our entire economy depends upon this lesson being learned. Think of what may fall apart if children weren't trained to be dependent: the social services could hardly survive - they would vanish, I think, into the recent historical limbo out of which they arose. Counselors and therapists would look on in horror as the supply of psychic invalids vanished".

"Much of modern law, medicine, and engineering would go too, as well as the clothing business and school teaching, unless a guaranteed supply of helpless people continued to pour out of our schools each year".

Inside the Public Education system, Special Education has the specific purpose to screen out to "neutralize" those among the masses who happen to be the Brightest and Bravest. To make sure that few escape proper "processing" Public Education is compulsory and Parents who refuse to place their Children in Special Education have their Children taken away from them and placed in Foster Care by the so-called Children Protective Services at the prodding of the School.

There is a symbiotic relationship between Special Education classes in Public Schools and the so-called Children Protective Services, using the stick and carrot to coerce/force Children into Special Ed: The threat or actual use of CPS to kidnap the Children and do whatever they want with them; and on the other hand offer poor Parents the "incentive" of receiving a SSI monthly check of $571.00, from the Federal government for allowing their Child to be considered Disabled. If the Parents refuse the CPS kidnaps the Child and the so-called Foster Parents receive not only the $571.00 but also a monthly check of $450.00 by the local CPS. That is more than $1,100.00/month. Some people make a nice living as Foster Parents by getting 3 or 4 Children

Special Education was set up under the ridiculous pretense of "helping" Children with disabilities. In New York City it takes 36% ($4.5 Billion) of the total Department of Education Budget. The few Children who really need Special Ed, either never get them or if they do the services are of very poor quality, but a very large percentage of Bright Black, Latino, and other minority Children who do not need it, are coerced/forced into Special Ed classes to assure their certain destruction. A new artificially created disease has been invented, namely ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) to give the so-called School Guidance Counselors an excuse to destroy Bright Children's brains with psychotropic drugs such as Ritalin, Concerta, etc.

At present 14.9% of the close to 1.1 million Public School Children in NYC received some type of Special Ed classes and it is an ever growing percentage. The designers have set in place a clever positive feedback mechanism, a self-feeding recycling loop to push and reinforce this growth: those few who being disabled really need Special Ed have an extremely hard time in getting services at all. If the Parents of those Children happen to be educated, they will do everything in their power to complain about the lack of services and thus become the best advocates and lobbyists for more funding for Special Ed. Of course those extra funds will not be applied on those who need them, but rather on those for whom the system has been designed for: namely the Brightest and Bravest of the Black and Latino Children.

Foster Care similarly was set up under the ridiculous pretense of "protecting" Children from abuse by their Parents. In New York City of the 21,000 Children presently in Foster Care, 98% of them are Black and Latino, and less than 1% White. It is a $2.3 Billion a year industry in New York City alone.

These statistics match exactly the fact that 98% of the young people who enter the Juvenile Criminal System in New York City are Black and Latino. It is a well oiled Assembly Line: School-as-Prison Model and training ground, Special Ed in Public Schools (to screen-out the rebel ones), Foster Care, Juvenile Justice System, Prison, Homelessness, Mental Illness. They reinforce each other and they recycle from each other.

Foster Care is a profit-driven Industry. Children are taken away under any imaginable excuse from the people who offer the less resistance: poor Black and Latino Parents.

To believe that those same groups of power who after Second World War brought to the United States those Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan scientists making surgical and biological experiments on humans, would care about disabled Children (who they considered useless eaters) or Children of poor Black and Latino Parents (who they considered inferior races and thus expendable), demands a faith beyond any logical mental process. And those are the two premises under which this cruel scheme has been set up: Special Education, to "Help" disabled Children; and Foster Care to "Protect" poor Black and Latino Children (at least in NYC).

Those are the same forces who conducted the Tuskegee experiment from the early 30's up to 1972, the medical experiments at the Philadelphia's Holmesburg Prison from the mid-1940s to 1974, the experiments at the Willowbrook State Institution on Staten Island, New York, where children were deliberately infected with Hepatitis B for research purposes, multiple human radiation experiments sponsored, supported, or performed by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) or its predecessors, and many, many more including the ones being performed now on innocent Black and Latino babies, kidnaped from their Parents by the local CPS under the excuse that either the Baby or the Mother tested HIV positive (most of those test are unreliable and are false positives), and kept at the Incarnation Children's Center in Washington Heights, Manhattan, NYC. Here Catholic Charities teams with Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, force-feeding them toxic drugs that they hope to market in Africa. The Pharmaceutical Corporations contracting with the Incarnation Children's Center have an ideal situation, since by doing drug trials on humans, rather than on animals, the time period for FDA approval is much shorter. After all, those Babies are "expendable": their Parents, their Natural Protectors have been removed from the scene, and now an army of predators is ready to use them as they see fit: Children as Chattel.

The "Business with Children Industry" treats those Children as Chattel. They are just a commodity that feeds a vast profiteering enterprise. CPS workers, Foster Care agencies, Doctors, Nurses, Psychologists, Psychiatrist, School Guidance Counselors, Attorneys, Judges, etc. make a living out of the suffering of these innocents.

This Business in reality is an assembly line that also feeds other industries: the prison, homeless, and mentally ill populations could not grow without a constant feed from Foster Care Children. Think about it. If we could heal society and have no Foster Children, thousands of people would be out of jobs.

Family Court in New York City is an Institutionalized System of Injustice, its only role to "legalize" the Child Exploitation Industry and its crimes against innocent Black and Latino Children. The chances of Parents winning in Family Court against the local Child Protective Service agency (ACS) is 16 cases out of every 1000, and this includes appeals. A generous estimate of the cases won by Parents against ACS in a 1028 Hearing (the most important first step in Family Court) is of 2 cases out of every 1000. That should give us an idea of the purpose of Family Court. Government intervention in the Family has a very negative impact and has greatly contributed to the spread of Social Cancers.

As an example of how the Child Exploitation Complex has been set up as a racketeering enterprise, we could point to the fact of the non-existence of the Statistics of the outcomes of the 1028 Hearings in Family Court. Both ACS and the NYS Office of Court Administration (OCA) maintains records and statistics about the most minute and meaningless facts, except for the most important one: the 1028 Hearings. In August 2000, Parents in Action visited the NYS Office of Court Administration in lower Manhattan, and after many inquires had the opportunity to see the original formats for the data that they require from Family Court. They require outcomes on the 1021 through 1027 Hearings, skip 1028, and require 1029 Hearings. Very telling, the OCA requires data about almost non-existent events, but does not require data about the most significant event and most frequent one. This is clear proof that whoever designed this scheme, did it with Criminal Intent. In this case to conceal the smoking gun: a generous estimate is that Parents with about 2 cases out of every 1000 against ACS. This is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Family Court in NYC is an Institutionalized System of Injustice.

To be found Abusive or Neglectful in NYC Family Court has nothing to do with reality. Family Court is a place sub-real, where an Alice in Wonderland logic operates. The role of those Family Court Judges is to automatically find Parents guilty of something. Remember that there is no Jury or Due Process. Family Court Judges are the only Law and they team with ACS and the so-called Law Guardians to make sure that Parents get railroaded and "duly" found guilty, everything else is just a circus: the outcomes are already known. The only cases which ACS loses, are of those Parents who happen to be very educated or well to do, and whose Children were kidnaped by mistake, probably by a new ACS caseworker who was not that familiar with the rules of the game. Of all the players in these scheme, the Family Court Judges are the most cowards, since they are the ones who hold the most power and allegedly are the most educated. All that those Parents found Abusive or Neglectful in Family Court in NYC are guilty of, is that beside being Black and Latino, they are not well to do, that they happen to have Children, and that someone decided to target them. Poor Black and Latino Parents in NYC are at the mercy of many potential enemies who can make a free anonymous phone call to destroy their lives; among them: neighbors, relatives, disgruntled spouses, ex-spouses or significant others, teachers, School Guidance Counselors, nurses, doctors, other Hospital personnel, landlords, superintendents of buildings, etc. Those Parents are are the mercy of anyone who wants to harm them and their Children, and at present they have very little recourse since those Family Court Judges are happily waiting to find them "guilty" and streamline their Children into the prison, homeless, and mentally ill population. This is a powerful weapon to keep poor Black and Latinos in NYC living in constant fear and thus subdued. The only thing that comes to my mind as a parallel situation, is the constant fear that those living in the West Coast of Africa must have felt when they were aware that at any moment an army of predators could descend on them, and kidnap them and their Children, take them away into Slavery and get away with it, since their only reason was that they Had the Force to Do So. Those inhuman criminals had the reason of the force in their side, not the force of reason.

The psychological trauma of kidnaping a Child from the people he loves and trust the most is extremely damaging and leaves a psychological scar that last forever. This same damaging effect is felt by the Parents and has a rippled effect in the whole family. Under the ridiculous pretense of protecting a Child, they come and not only destroy that Child, but also the whole Family, including any other Children who may live in the household. The pain and shock of the kidnaping of a Child from his Family, is similar to experiencing the death of a very close and loved one, with the main difference being that the psychological death promoted by the CPS scheme, does not last just few days, but rather years and even a lifetime as in the cases of Forced and Illegal Adoptions. It also spreads both ways: the Family mourns the lost of their Child, and the Child becomes a "living dead". I want to quote Dr. James McIntosh, an African American psychiatrist who at a Forum on Child Welfare in June 2000 in NYC said: "In my 19 years of working with thousand of Children in Foster Care, I have yet to see a Child who would be better off in Foster Care than with his Parents... even when there was abuse". He must know what he was talking about since he used to work for many years for Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan, NYC. Of course once the whole Family has been traumatized, the army of predators demands that the Parents and the Child must take all type of psychological and psychiatric evaluations, therapies and drugs, which they will provide, thus increasing their profits and control.

I would like to add the thoughts on this subject of Hazel McBride, a contemporary suicide researcher and psychotherapist ... "No government and no court should be allowed to take a child from a parent unless there is a very, very, very good reason," says Dr. McBride. "Because to have a child ripped from you, it's the same as a child dying. It's absolutely uncivilized, barbaric and devastating for any parent. It's not uncommon for these people to suffer depressive breakdowns."

In NYC Family Court, Parents Rights are routinely terminated and their Children are put up for Adoption which is a new form of Slavery. Contact between Children and their Natural Protectors: their Parents, is severed and if necessary an Order of Protection is issued against the Parents to assure keeping them away. Then the Foster Care agencies put these Children up for Sale and the market forces of supply and demand play when these innocents go to the Auction Block. Adoption Agencies make a killing, specially with the very few Children who are very young and White. On top of that the State offers financial incentives to those Adopters. In spite of those financial incentives (which are bigger if the Child is considered "disable"), many of those Children are returned to the system after 2 or 3 years since the Adopters can not handle them, and the stress is greater than the financial incentive. ACS has been paying a three-card-monte game with the number of Children in Foster Care by pushing for these forced Adoptions in order to lower the number of Children in Foster Care and improve their Public Image: a Public Relations game, regardless of the damage to those Children and their Parents. Most of those Children have Parents who desperately want them back, but ACS does not want to recognize that they are the greatest Child Abusers in NYC.

All these Racketeering Industries working together represent a vast and sophisticated system of Human Trafficking, with the profit motive being the fuel that feeds the ever growing appetite of this "Beast", but Social Control being its highest motive. Between Foster Care and the Prison System a large portion of the population of Black and Latinos in NYC are kept under one excuse or another under a Modern System of Slavery, continuation of the Old Open System of Slavery, but in a clever disguised way.

In regard to the very damaging effect of adoption, Lori Carangelo has done excellent work in exposing these facts. She has an excellent book Chosen Children: Billion Dollar Babies in America's Foster Care, Adoption & Prison Systems. She explains how the Adopted Child Syndrome (ACS) hurts the psyche of the Adoptee, and how a disproportionated number of them become serial killers.

Based on the work of Martin Daly and Margot Wilson, Professors of Psychology at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, we know that a child is one hundred times more likely to be abused or killed by a step-parent than by a genetic parent. This startling finding unearthed by these two Canadian scientists who predicted, on Darwinian grounds, that the official orthodoxy, which ignores family ties, obscures the increased dangers to children of living in step families. This threat, although a recurring theme of folk-tales worldwide, has been purposely neglected by policy makers and opinion formers. This represents a 10,000% increase in the chances of a Child dying. Further proof that the Social Engineers know what they are doing.

The Nordic Committee for Human Rights, For the Protection of Family Rights in the Nordic (Scandinavian) countries comments on the book "The Truth about Cinderella, A Darwinian View of Parental Love":

"This book also investigates the situation of adopted children, but unfortunately Professors Daly and Martin have not looked into the situation of foster children. The logical conclusion must however be this:

If, as Daly and Martin state, a child is one hundred times more likely to be abused or killed by a step-parent than by a genetic parent, then the risk for a foster child must be even greater. Yet the legislators in our different countries - specifically the nordic welfare states - take pride in separating children from their parents and loved ones and re-settling them among paid-carers, who are complete strangers".

This a a phenomena common to most Industrialized Countries, where the Nanny State makes every possible effort to dissolve the natural Family and replace the authority of the Parents with the authority of the State.

The current practice by ACS of "removing" ("feel good" euphemism for Kidnaping) Children from their Parent's custody without a Court Order, has the additional effect of terrorizing the Black and Latino population who are poor. It is part of the psychological warfare being constantly waved against them to intimidate them and "keep them in their place". Poor Black and Latino Families in NYC know that at any moment, without any warning, their Children could be kidnaped by the so-called CPS under any possible excuse. And that if this happens, they have no recourse, because all Family Court does is to re-inforce ACS actions and "legalize" this gross Human Rights abuse. Federal Courts refuse to intervene in Family Court cases and they routinely refer the cases back to Family Court. Federal authorities pretend this reality does not exist, and when pressed, claim that they have no jurisdiction. Poor Families know this, and live in constant fear.

CPS agencies and Foster Care agencies are guilty of Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) since that is what they do. From their very first contact with the Children, they try to alienate them from their Natural Protectors: their Parents; and once they kidnap them, they have total control of the Children and by any means neccesary with the help of the so-called Foster Parents (paid sitters), the so-called Law Guardians, and the blessings of the Family Court Judges they go on to break the natural bonds between Children and their Parents. The Children, being in the hands of the hostage takers, are very vulnerable and confused. They are constantly told that their Parents are bad Parents, that they do not love them, that they do not want to see them. In most cases these criminals succeed in creating doubts in the Children and the Children come to resent their own Parents, believing that they do not love them enough and blaming them for having failed to protect them from these predators. They feel abandoned and betrayed and usually fall into despair. This is exactly what the Beast wants; to ready them for the Social Cancers waiting for them: prison, homelessness, and mental illness.

An additional weapon used in NYC to terrorize the Black and Latino population who are poor, is the liberal use of the "no-knock warrants" under the excuse of the presence of illegal drugs in the household. This warrants are routinely given by unconsciousable Judges to the police, based on "tips" from informers. Usually the information is wrong, but it gives the police an excuse to come at very early hours, break-down the door, throw tear gas and stun bombs, scream and throw everyone to the floor face down (including old people and Children), handcuff them, verbally abuse them, etc. This produces a traumatic effect on everyone, but especially the Children. One more weapon to keep the target population subdued. As a result of this low intensity psychological warfare, a large percentage of the Black and Latino population grow up afraid of the police.

Parents whose Children have been kidnaped by the so-called CPS face a very difficult challenge. Most of them fall into despair and depression and that makes the job of the CPS easier, since the target needs to be destroyed financially and psychologically.

Once the Children have been kidnaped by the so-called CPS, their Parents have no choice but to submit to the ever increasing demands of the Hostage Takers, if they ever hope to get their Children back. Parenting classes are demanded, without offering any evidence that the Parents need them. Once that is completed the target changes to Anger Management classes (I wonder if Family Court Judges, CPS and Foster Care agency personnel, or Law Guardians would get "angry" if their Children were kidnaped and keep hostages under any possible excuse). After that the target changes to psychological or psychiatric evaluations, and so on. By then, more than 18 months have passed, and now they use ASFA (Hillary Clinton gift to all CPS to "legally" enslave poor Black and Latino Children in NYC and all poor Children in the U.S.) to terminate the Parents' Rights, thus severing any contact with their Children and placing them up for Adoption.

The amount of time that a Parent must dedicate to the never ending demand from the Foster Care agency to take services that they provide (and of which they make plenty of money) makes it impossible for the Parent to have a regular job, thus making those Parents even weaker financially and more dependent of ACS and the Foster Care agency. Complying with those demands amounts to the time and resources of having a full time job and even more. By the end of the day, even if after having done everything that they have been asked to do, and that by a miraculous way their Parents Rights have not yet been terminated and ACS claims that their plan is to return the Children, those Parents being without a job and financially broke are not in any position to get an apartment and even more so if they have many Children. Having an apartment with enough rooms for all the Children is a pre-condition used by ACS to return those Children. This give them a good excuse that since the Parents are not able to fulfill the requirements, they must terminate the Parental Rights and put the Children up for Adoption.

In Family Court in NYC there is no Jury or Due Process. The only Law or authority is the mind of the Family Court Judge. Most of them are former Prosecutors, and thus see the world as full of criminals. Those 47 Family Court Judges are appointed and re-appointed by the Mayor for periods of ten years, and of course they work for the Mayor. Two Judges who refused to follow the scheme where run out of town by Mayor Giuliani: Judge Philip C. Segal from Brooklyn Family Court was denied re-appointment for refusing to destroy families, and Judge Margarita Lopez was harassed and threatened with dismissal for the same reason.

Family Court standards are bizarre. Hearsay is accepted as valid evidence. With those standards a flea could pass as an elephant or vice versa. Accused Parents are not able to question or know their accusers. Accused Parents are not allowed to see the original report against them, neither the evaluations (psychological, psychiatric, etc) or the Uniform Case Record (UCR). Not being able to see the evidence against them, they are unable to properly defend themselves. The attorneys of the Parents are forbidden by the Judge to share this information with the Parents. This is similar to the "secret evidence" concept introduced with the Patriot Act where the defendant is not allowed to see the evidence against him.

The similarity between Family Court practices and those of the Patriot Act do not stop there. Family Court is an Administrative Court, similar to the Special Courts set under the Patriot Act, which ignore constitutional protections. Also Children kidnaped by ACS without a Court Order (which is totally illegal according to the Tenenbaum v. Williams decision) with the tacit blessings of the Family Court Judges (since no Judge would dare to return a Child illegally kidnaped, except perhaps after a lengthy trial), get the same treatment as Enemy Combatants under the Patriot Act. In the case of adults Enemy Combatants, the government could argue that they are guilty of something, but in the case of innocent Children, what could they be accused of? It is stated U.S. policy not to negotiate with Hostage Takers, but in the case of CPS, they ignore this policy. In one instance Family Court surpasses any possible unjust system in its cruelty since it rewards the Hostage Takers to a lengthy and full profit from their illegal acts. These practices have been going on from time immemorial in NYC Family Court and the ACLU never complained about it. While it was being practiced against poor Blacks and Latinos, they did not care; now that includes other ethnic groups and classes, the ACLU cries day and night.

If Amnesty International, the United Nations, and most of the so-called Progressive Organizations were not in the hands of politically correct groups, they should be looking at the Children victims of the Child Exploitation Complex, as Political Prisoners. As an example, when in 2000, Elian Gonzales was kidnaped by his Miami relatives, and they refused to return him to his father, who was living in Cuba. There were demonstrations here in NYC, organized by the traditional left parties and groups, where thousands of people opposed this abuse took to the streets. At that time, we had 37,000 Elian Gonzalez here in NYC, and the traditional groups of the left could not care about them. Parents in Action reached out to many of these groups, trying to link and educate them about this similar abuse, but the one in NYC being much worse since it is being performed on a mass scale, but they did not want to hear about this issue. Charity should start at home.

The contradictory role of the Legal Aid Society and its so-called Law Guardians in this scheme must be analyzed and exposed. The Juvenile Division complements the role of the Criminal Division in apparently contradictory ways, but looking at the big picture, in really complimentary ways. They play a three-card-monte scheme where the Juvenile Division makes everything in their power to make sure that Children stay in Foster Care as long as possible and that eventually their Parents' Rights are terminated and they are placed up for Adoption as if they were Slaves; and that years later when those same individuals are facing the Criminal Justice System, the Criminal Division representing them as Public Defenders will make a very poor job of defending them and keeping them out of jail, and rather tries to convince them to plea bargain and plea guilty to something, even if they are innocent. Thus the Legal Aid Society first prepares them for and later assures their stay in the Criminal Justice Scheme, and all in the name of "protecting" and "defending" them.

The so-called Law Guardians are appointed by the Family Court Judges over the objections of the Parents, the Natural Protectors of their Children, allegedly to "protect" the Children and look for their best interests. This is an oxymoron, since only a deranged mind or someone who has been so conditioned as to have lost his natural survival instinct, could conceive that a bureaucrat, who by his/her profession has mastered the art of lying and deceit, could in any way, form, or shape care more about Children that are not theirs, than the Biological Parents, who either through God's creation or millions of years of evolution must have the dedication, instinct, and self-preservation of what is their own creation, otherwise we would have disappeared as a species long ago.

The so-called Law Guardians are our Children's worst nightmare, and they team with the ACS prosecutors in the destruction of Black and Latino poor Families, including the innocent Children who they allegedly are supposed to defend. With "friends" like them, our Children do not need enemies. Parents accurately call them "Lethal Guardians" instead of Law Guardians. The only thing they "Guard" are the business interests of this racketeering enterprise. The Justice Department should charge everyone involved in this scheme under the RICO Statutes.

Most Parents get a Court Appointed Attorney (18B) to defend them. With very few exceptions, they represent a quarter of an attorney in value. They are overworked (about 120 cases) and underpaid. Most of them have no support staff, and are so used to lose cases, that psychologically are already beaten down. They are getting paid regardless of if they lose or win the case, so they do not make any effort to properly represent their clients. To promote proper representation and fairness, they should get bonuses for every step (benchmarks) in the case that they win. This is what the prosecutors for ACS get from the State and Federal government for every step they win against the Parents, except in the rare case when the Child is returned to the Parents, they do not get any bonus. By putting the rewards at their convenient place, and rewarding injustice rather than Justice, the Beast uses the profit motive as a driving force for expansion and thus assures Family destruction.

There is a need to investigate the "brain" behind the irrational and perverse behavior of ACS. A typical example is the case of Women victims of Domestic Violence. When those victims called the police and their aggressors where either sent to jail or kept away with an order of protection, ACS came rushing to take away their Children. The rationale used was that the Mothers were accomplices in the Domestic Violence and thus unworthy of having their Children. Only an extremely sick, sadistic, and perverse mind could have concocted such irrational argument, but the vast majority of ACS personnel, having limited intelligence and limited ethical values went along with this Gross Travesty of Justice, not seeing anything wrong with it. It took the Nicholson v. Scopetta case in front of Judge Jack Weinstein at the Federal District Court in Brooklyn, to force ACS to stop this insanity. Judge Weinstein in his decision called the ACS practice "tantamount to slavery". Only a sadistic mind would think of something so gross and inhuman as to further victimize the victim, and on top of that spend taxpayers money trying to defend something that is indefensible, except of course in the sick mind of that "brain".

Another case where the perverse ACS "brain" is at work is the case of the Tenembaum decision which ACS lost on October 19, 1999 at the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in Brooklyn. In this decision the court ruled that ACS could not take Children away from their Parents without a Court Order, except in very exceptional circumstances. ACS appealed this decision to the Supreme Court arguing that it could not function if it had to abide to this decision. The Supreme Court ruled against ACS, but in spite of this ACS is still disregarding the Supreme Court Decision. They operate above the law.

When the New York State Legislature needs to set aside money for its budget for the number of beds for the prison system, they look at the number of Children in Foster Care as the best predictor. Statistics show that 75% of them end in the Criminal Justice System, the majority of the rest as homeless or mentally ill.

Special Education and Foster Care are the two main Social Cancers Producers that feed the Prison, Homeless, and Mentally Ill populations. If so-called progressive people are ever serious of getting rid of the Prison Industrial Complex, the Homeless, and the Mentally Ill population, we first must get rid of the Child Exploitation Complex who feeds them. The present system works as an assembly line where our greatest hopes are being processed for their certain destruction while we do nothing.

Psychologist John Breeding, has done good research on the drugging of Children, ADHD and on the role as Natural Leaders of those rebel Children. Information on his conclusions and book The Wildest Colts Make the Best Horses is available at

Parents who decide to raise their Children away from the prescribed formula of mediocrity of the Social Designers are also persecuted: homeschoolers, vegans, anti-vaccinations, naturist Parents who avoid doctors, anti-psychiatrists, etc. The State does not like diversity, originality, or self-determinism; they love conformity and mediocrity, and will use the CPS and the full power of the State to punish those Parents who dare to think on their own. In this area of persecution fall many Parents who happen to be White. The Beast will persecute them regardless of their Race/Ethnicity.

The role of the so-called School Guidance Counselors in the Public Schooling system is worth analyzing. The first generation were intelligent pacesetters who set the agenda and "taught" the next generation to follow the routine. That generation and the ones who followed them were not that smart as to question the ultimate consequences of their actions. They are "just doing their job" as they were taught. Once the system reaches this point it has a life of its own. Everyone just keeps repeating what they learned from their predecessors. Their role is also of active gatekeepers, by making sure that the Natural Elite of the working class Black and Latino population gets screened-out and is sent to Special Education classes for its certain destruction. Their main role as their title says is to "Guide" potential challengers to the status quo into the black hole of Special Ed. As faithful gatekeepers, the School Guidance Counselors keep the gates of the Regular Schooling system open to only the mediocre. The Brightest and Bravest Black and Latino Children do not belong there for sure, but instead of sending them to Gifted and Talented classes, their role is to assure their certain destruction by forcing/coercing them into Special Ed. Gifted and Talented classes are reserved for other ethnic groups.

With the exception of the original School Guidance Counselors, which were very bright, the vast majority of the present ones do not have a clue of their role in the destruction of innocent Black and Latino Children, they are not that bright to realize the ultimate consequences of their actions; they claim that they "are just doing their job" and given their limited intelligence, we must conclude that they are sincere. Albert Einstein said, "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds". Here comes into play another natural contradiction, which helps the designers to maximize their goal: the natural contradiction between the vast majority of mediocres versus the Natural Elite of Brightest and Bravest. By giving unlimited god-like powers to a small group of very mediocre individuals over those who by a gift of nature are their natural superiors, the designers encourage the unconscious envy that the mediocre feel toward those who are different from them and far more intelligent than them. Naturally the majority of present School Guidance Counselors being mediocre will do everything in their power to eliminate those who unconsciously or consciously they know not to be like them, not to be mediocres. This dynamic could be called "The Revenge of the Mediocre".

An example of how the self-preservation instinct of the mediocre works is seen in their automatic reaction to exposure. When a gross mistake or abuse is done against a Child or a Family by either ACS or the Foster Care agency; instead of trying to immediately repair the damage already done and avoid further damage, they see no option but to cover up in order to not admit wrongdoing. Their feeble minds solve the dilemma by keep doing more damage. The longer they stay working for the Beast, the more prone they are to be part of the present culture of "protecting the agency", instead of "protecting the Child". They will go to any length necessary to protect themselves and the agency, regardless of the damage that they may need to further inflict in the Children and their Families, which they allegedly are supposed to care about and work for. Even more, if the Parents dare to sue ACS and/or the Foster Care agency and/or the School and/or the Hospital or any government entity while their Children are still hostages to the State; then the State counter-attacks with full force against the Parents and with the help of the City attorneys the mediocres will proceed not only to fabricate facts, but to provoque the Parents into violence and build a case to "terminate the parental rights" and ultimately put those Children for Adoption, as if they were slaves. Once their parental rights are "terminated" with the help of the Family Court Judges, the Parents are "legally" out of the picture and the State feels safer since it got rid of the potential troublemakers.

Especially telling are the cases when ACS, in spite of all their "fishing expedition" into the life of the Family, is not able to find anything wrong with the Parents of the Child that they have illegally kidnaped. So, instead of recognizing their error and returning immediately the Child to the Parents; they try to blackmail the Parents into accepting an ACD (Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal), which is a plea bargain that will taint them for many years. The line that ACS presents to the Parents is that if they do not agree to be supervised by them for an extra year after returning the Children, then the Parents are Never going to get their Children back. A most Coward action, product of a very twisted conception of life and of a mind totally void of any ethical values. Sadly, many Parents desperated to get their Children back, are forced to accept this most coward imposition. In this way ACS preserves its Public Image, regardless of the Harm to the Children. An important Public Relations piece to preserve the scheme.

Most of the School Guidance Counselors are Clinical Social Workers (CSW) or at least hold a Master Degree in Social Work (MSW), so with these degrees their egos soar. Like ancient nobility titles, they too can show off their new nobility titles. Some of them sincerely may think that they are Social Engineers and that they must help uneducated "stupid" parents and force them to do what they think is right; but the "road to hell is paved with good intentions"... Many Foundations give grants so that many poor Black and Latinos can go to College and become Social Workers, thus becoming the new slave drivers of their own people.

At present in NYC a large percentage of School Guidance Counselors are Black and Latino, but that does not stop them from being used to implement the destruction of the Brightest and Bravest of their own people while they are young. They are just doing their job, of course. Their Local Union 215 claims to be "progressive" since it openly says it opposes the War in Iraq (a war on which they have little impact, even if they were sincere), but does nothing to solve a problem that is in their hands: they are an active part in the systematic enslaving of Innocent Black and Latino Children, and the destruction of those Children's Families. It is easy to claim to be "progressive" by projecting one's concerns to a far away place where one influence is extremely small, but refusing to deal with the situation at home of which they themselves are instruments of oppression and Gross Human Rights Violations. On that line of though, one could create a "Revolutionary Brigade Against the Violations of the Rights of the Inhabitants of Pluto", and thus claim to be very "progressive". Similarly, we could have an Union of prison guards of a Concentration Camp, and further claim that other "progressive" Unions and Organizations must show solidarity to them. To support Unions against their Bosses is understandable, but to support Unions against the People is irrational.

The vast majority of Caseworkers, Social Workers, and Supervisors of both ACS and the Foster Care agencies in NYC are Black and Latino, but that of course does not stop them from being used to implement the destruction of the Brightest and Bravest of their own people while they are young. They are just doing their job, of course. Of course the master puppeteers are not Black and Latino. The scheme has been set-up in such a clever way that a group of Blacks and Latinos, in exchange for a meager survival salary, have been assigned the job of destroying their own people. So even if somehow those being oppressed were to get organized and fight back; they would be directing their anger to some of their own people. Very clever. The ACS caseworkers are Unionized in the Local 371, and of course they claim to be "progressive" since they say they oppose the War in Iraq, but do nothing about a problem of which they are a very active instrument: the systematic destruction of thousands of Innocent Black and Latino Children and their Families under any possible excuse. Charity starts at Home!

Social Services Unions' desire to protect their members' jobs is a strong factor in keeping this scheme alive and growing, regardless of the Social Harm produced to their own Communities. The Social Services mantra is that the more services the better, and encourages dependency, domesticity, and a parasitic mentality. Anyone questioning their role in this scheme is attacked as being anti-labor or anti-union. They need to understand that they are in the wrong side of history. That any person who loves Justice should rejoice when a Concentration Camp, a Prison, or a Foster Care agency closes down: they are all mechanisms of Oppression and Social Control.

An article in the Boston Herald, Nov 11, 1985, p. 11, describes the rationale in the mind of many case workers and Social Workers:
But, you may ask, how can caring people, and some case workers care, drag children into a harmful system?

Alexander Solzhenitsyn said, "To do evil, a human being must first of all believe that what he's doing is good." Young, childless social workers are taught that all parents need help whether they know it or not. After watching the results for a few years", good ones see the damage they do and quit. Bad ones who don't care stay.

Solzhenitsyn also pointed out that the Russian secret police needed a constant stream of victims to justify the prison camps. Stable families don't bring government money; troubled kids mean jobs.

Of course that there are Parents who abuse their Children and even kill them, but the intervention by the so-called CPS is a thousand times worse than the problem itself. Under the excuse of saving one Child, we destroy one thousand. State intervention can only harm the family and any contradiction or problem that may exist inside the Family Unit will be magnified by the State intervention. It is similar to bringing an Elephant into a small garden: the Elephant will destroy everything with its mere presence. And it is not that the Elephant is "bad". The Elephant should have never been there, period. The fault lies in the "genius" who brought the Elephant there. In the USA there are about 50,000 car related deaths per year, and also a certain number of people who die every year as a result of choking while eating food. But a have not heard any "genius" yet passing laws banning cars or food for that matter. The present CPS response is similar to using a shotgun to kill a fly who is annoying someone by standing on his forehead: it will kill the fly for sure, but it would also kill the person. Either Moron's logic or Clever Evil Social Engineering.

Two further attacks being prepared against the well being of Society are Universal Pre-K and the President's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health.
The first one, Universal Pre-K under the pretense of helping poor Parents, has the purpose of taking away Children as young as 3 years of age away from their Natural and best caretakers: their Parents. This state intervention in the Family would facilitate its destruction and the earlier conditioning process of Children. This initiative is being pushed by the politically correct oxymorons.

The second one, the President's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health under the pretense of concerns about the Mental Health of the population, aims to forcibly subject to Mental Evaluation the whole US population. A truly Orwellian design to enslave humanity. This initiative is being pushed by the Neo-Cons in their desperate push for Permanent Planetary War and Total Population Control. For them to succeed, they need to start with a Brave New World here at home. The name itself of this initiative is an oxymoron: using the word Freedom in order to Enslave people.

Some other areas that need further exploring are:

* The role of Family Court Judges in making 18-B attorneys dependent of them by having to sign their vouchers for payments and needing to be favorably evaluated by them yearly in order to keep working.

* The use by CPS, so-called Law Guardians, and Family Court Judges, of euphemisms to desensitize its own workers about their gross abuses on Children and Families: using "remove" instead of kidnap, and "uncooperative" instead of clear thinker and non-dependent, etc.

* The use by CPS, so-called Law Guardians, and Family Court Judges of deception by arguing that they work for "the best interest of the Child" when in reality they are working for "the best interest of their pockets" and the worst interest of the Child.

* The warehousing and drugging of Children whose Parents Rights have been terminated, and are keep in group homes, 24 hours a day legally drugged. When after reaching 18 years of age and are put on the streets, after few months most of them end in jail, as homeless or in mental institutions. Those who are not put on the streets are moved to Adult Group Homes or Nursing Homes and kept as Drugged Prisoners for the rest of their lives.

* The role of the so-called Adult Protective Services (APS) and its private contracting agencies to further destroy the family. They target the Elder and Infirm Adult to forcibly place them into Nursing Homes under any possible excuse. Traditionally Grandparents, part of the Extended Family, have been a resource and a valuable support system for their Children and Grandchildren, but by destroying them the role of the CPS is made easier. CPS and APS usually team together to destroy the family.

*The dynamics in Public Schools with the so-called ADHD Children. Why reporting by private schools is almost non-existing. The profit motive. The School gets 3.5 times more money for a Special Ed student than for a General Ed student. Principals want to place as many Children as possible in Special Ed to increase the school budget. Parents who are less educated and financially poorer would be the easier targets.

*The role of psychotropic drugs as a cause not only of addiction (with ugly withdrawal symptoms) but also of violence among High School Students, leading to mass murders as in the Columbine incident.

* The racist role inside ACS of the Division of Legal Services (DSL) to "make sure that the case is won", and not for "the best interest of the Child". Their total disregard for facts; their always delaying tactics with legal trickery to keep Children away from their Parents as long as possible; their ignoring the recommendations of their own caseworkers and of those of the Foster Care agency. It is interesting to note the Ethnic/Racial contrast between the Caseworkers (of ACS and the Foster Care agencies) who are mostly Black and Latino and the ACS attorneys who are mostly White. On top of that Class plays an important role since caseworkers salaries are just above survival levels, but attorneys' are much higher.

* The racist role of the Juvenile Division of the Legal Aid Society representing the so-called Law Guardians, who work for the "best interest of the case" rather than the "best interest of the Child".

* The incestuous and complicit relationship between ACS and the Family Court Judges to disregard the law about obtaining a court order before kidnaping Children from their Parents as set in the Tenenbaum Decision. In the Nicholson v. Scopetta Federal case in front of Judge Jack Weinstein, when confronted by one of his internal memos directing ACS Managers to disregard the Tenenbaum Decision and go "as business as usual", then Commissioner Scopetta in his defense at the witness stand argued that originally ACS had gone to ask the Family Court Judges for court orders to "remove" Children, but that they were told that they did not need one, and to keep doing what they had been doing. Clearly, criminal collusion to disregard the law. Further proof that we need a Special Federal Prosecutor or the intervention of the United Nations Humans Rights Commission to investigate this racketeering enterprise.

*The increased chances of Children being abused or killed while in Foster Care.

* The effect of legally granting immunity to all the predators involved in this scheme, not only to protect them but also to encourage the worst and most sadistic possible behavior among them. By denying accountability the system encourages the lowest animal instincts.

* The new presence of Military Recruiters in Public High Schools to lure our young people to become part of the killing machine, as the only alternative to survival, since when they finish school, there are no jobs available, except for menial jobs or the military. This is part of the Military/Industrial Complex.

* The role of government agencies in bringing Drugs into Black and Latino neighborhoods in order to weaken them and eventually criminalize a large part of its population, who will be locked in prisons and used as slave labor. This technique is also used to destroy the social fabric of whole communities, bring crime into the community, force home foreclosures, depopulating the area, and eventually buy those properties for pennies on the dollar. This process is known as gentrification. Catherine Austin Fitts, wrote an article to this effect. One can see the article Former Bush Assistant Secretary for HUD Reveals "Ethnic Cleansing", Connected to CIA Drug Dealing in Los Angeles at

* The role of government agencies in destroying the Family, especially poor Black and Latino Families, by attacking them in every imaginable way. It uses the all powerful resources and power of the State in order to destroy the Family Unit. According to Northwestern University Professor Dorothy Roberts in her book Shattered Bonds: The Color of Child Welfare: "It costs the federal government eleven times as much to provide foster care as to provide public aid to families".

* The role of Big Corporations bringing Huge Stores and Supermarkets into poor and middle class communities, eventually forcing the closing of most stores and small businesses in the area, since they can not compete with the lower prices of the Mega Stores. In the beginning there is an apparent benefit for the community due to the lower prices, but in the long run brings disaster: the small business owner will lose their source of income and since they usually live in the same community, the community will lose that revenue since usually the Big Corporations take their profits out of the community. And more important, those small business owners have a knowledge, usually passed from generation to generation, on how to create wealth, be self-sufficient, and independent. This most valuable knowledge is lost to the community, who is now an easier target on the road to dependence and parasitic thinking.

* The fact that in poor neighborhoods banks systematically practice "redlining", thus making it extremely difficult for members of that community to became home owners, forcing them to be permanent renters, to the benefit of landlords.

* The fact that in poor neighborhoods, there are almost no jobs available, except becoming a drug dealer or joining the military.

* The passage of Draconian laws: Three Strike Laws, Mandatory Sentencing, plus the Rockefeller Laws in NYS to maximize the number of the prison population.

*The fact that the present Mandatory Sentencing Laws are openly racist: for 5 grams of Crack Cocaine one gets five years minimum, the same as for 500 grams of Cocaine. Most poor people can not afford to use Cocaine, they use Crack Cocaine.

* The fact that most prisoners are not allowed to vote, thus further disenfranchising a large part of the population.

* The role of forced population transfer from NYC to Upstate New York in order to create jobs, and increase population and resources to the local White population by bringing mostly Black and Latino NYC prisoners to be warehoused Upstate. This is a clever scheme to create a slave population, which is paid $0.16 per hour by private Corporations. Many of those prison guards are openly racist and use their position of almost absolute control to make life of those prisoners very difficult. When freed, those ex-incarcerated people will come out very bitter against an unjust society. Due to the punitive rather than rehabilitative nature of the present prison system, most of them are eventually recycled back into prison. Another aspect of this Human Trafficking scheme to artificially increase the population of Upstate New York Counties in order to increase Federal Money allocation.

* The dynamics of the contradictions among Generations as exposed by the Spaniard philosopher Julian Marias. If his arguments are valid (72 years recurring cycles) and we take the middle of 1968 as the beginning of the Revolutionary Generation period (and take New York City as the capital of the planet), which was expressed mostly by middle and upper class White people, then we in the first half of 2004 finished the Reactionary Generation period, and just started the Stabilization Generation period. Based on his 18 years natural generations cycles (Revolutionary, Reactionary, Stabilization, and Pre-Revolutionary), we will have to wait till 2040 for another wave of a generation of revolutionaries willing and not afraid to challenge the status quo. Can we afford to wait that long?

* The dynamics of the contradictions among individuals and sexes as exposed by Bruce E. Morton, Ph.D. in his work with Sexuality, Hemisphericity, and Human Polarity, where Hemispheric Dominance is based on which side the brain Executive is located. This results in four possible types of humans: Left brain-oriented female; Right brain-oriented female, Left brain-oriented male, Right brain-oriented male; and through observation of their interactions to better understand human origins and behavior. The politically correct pretend to deny reality by ignoring biology, logic, and instinct and thus negate the natural contradiction and complementarity between the sexes, which is one of the main dynamic forces that propel humanity, and a positive force for human progress.

* The Work of James DeMeo, Ph.D, in his work Saharasia: The 4000 BCE Origins of Child Abuse, Sex-Repression, Warfare and Social Violence, In the Deserts of the Old World which explains the results of the effects of the State sponsored violence in its war against the Family: "The scientific validity of Wilhelm Reich's Sex-Economic Theory of human behavior, through clear and concise cross-cultural testing and verification. Cultures which engage in child abuse and sex-repression predictably develop violent, superstitious and warlike characteristics. Cultures which preserve Mother-Love for children, do not beat or coerce their children and do not suppress the sexuality of their unmarried adolescents or females predictably remain peaceful and egalitarian".

* The work by James Roger Brown and his CHILD SLAVE TRADE PROJECT and the similarities between the Swiss Child Slave Trade from 1850 to 1950 and the Current United States Child Slave trade also executed through the Purported Child Protection System. See

*The coerced/forced use of Bilingual Ed mostly on Latino immigrants, under the excuse of providing an education in their mother tongue, but actually dumbing them down by not teaching them either Spanish or English. Latino students in Bilingual Ed are kept confused in a mental limbo thus assuring their lack of interest in school. This is a clear example of how "The Beast" can use a good idea (of course Children learn better in their mother language) and twist it in such a way as to use it against those who are supposed to help.

* The use in Public Schools of Whole Language, Fuzzy Math, and OBE (Object Based Education) to promote Dyslexia, Functional Illiteracy, and further dumbing down. Here the work of Sam Blumenfeld, John Holt, Michael S. Brunner, Edward Miller is worth investigating.

* The lack of Shared Custody laws in New York State in cases of separation or divorce to increase the contradictions between couples and profit from the "divide and conquer" strategy, further damaging the Children. This strategy is fully supported by the NYS Trial Lawyers Association, who handsomely profit from this situation and also by the National Organization of Women with their narrow focused agenda.

* The effort by Politically Correct individuals who claim to be "progressive" as the main source of Legislation to destroy Families, especially those of poor Blacks and Latinos. When Walter Mondale was Senator (he later became Vice-President under Jimmy Carter), he implemented the passage of CAPTA (Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act of 1974) which started the legal onslaught on the Family by giving the State power to intervene against Parents in the upbringing of their Children. And it was Hillary Clinton, when as wife of President Bill Clinton who pushed for the passage of AFSA (Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997), Federal legislation which has negatively impacted on Families, especially poor Families, by allowing Parental Rights to be terminated after the Children are 18 months in Foster Care, allowing Children to be sold as slaves, when they have Parents who desperately want them back. This are the two main pieces of Federal Legislation being used by the State to destroy Black and Latino Families. This perhaps explain why so-called "progressive" groups have remained blind, deaf, and mute about the destruction of the Black and Latino Family. Curiously they openly preach their concern for Blacks and Latinos, but their actions speak otherwise. So-called 'progressive" groups verbally "critize" the government, but by every possible means want more government power and intervention, until we all become slaves. What a contradiction. With "friends" like them, Children do not need enemies, nor do Black and Latinos.

*The strange fact that although politically correct "progressive" groups are constantly criticizing the government and apparently are in an adversarial relationship with them, in reality they concur and team with the government in the systematic destruction of the Black and Latino Family.

* The fact that in NYC there is an unwritten code among Family Court Judges, of not allowing Children back with their Parents, if one of the Parents is taking, has taken, or is suspected of taking any psychotropic drug. This drugs are of course prescribed by psychiatrists who receive the Parents after being sent to them by the CPS agency, the Foster Care agency, or even the Family Court Judge. The excuse for referring the Parents to them is that the Parents are depressed, emotionally upset, or angry, this of course after their Children have been Kidnaped by ACS and regardless of what they do their Children are not returned to them. The Judges never tell the Parents that regardless of the classes, services, therapies, etc that they do, they will not return the Children to them, and rather go to eventually terminate their Parental Rights. For the Parents this is a catch-22 situation, because first they are pushed into the psychiatrists hands and then this is a condition to terminate their Parental Rights. Of course Parents are not told about this cruel and inhuman scheme in Human Trafficking.

*Who benefits financially from this scheme.

*Who designed this Social Engineering scheme.

*Who or what groups of power benefit the most by keeping a majority of the population of NYC (the capital of the planet where Blacks and Latinos together form a majority) subdued and away from their share of power.

In other parts of the country where there are not Blacks and Latinos, poor White Children are destroyed in the same ways. The same blueprint can be applied anywhere by local warlords.


We have enough evidence to prove that the Child Exploitation Complex is the result of a sophisticated Social Engineering design with the purpose of Population Control. The system has been finely tuned to achieve the desired results by over-enforcing certain laws and totally ignoring others; targeting the most vulnerable ethnic groups; setting safety nets and immediate support for certain ethnic groups in order to avoid a backlash that could threaten the stability of the design; setting rewards and promotions for those who working for the system faithfully make efforts to expand the business regardless of the Social Damage; punishing, demoting and even firing those who working for the system dare to question the system or raise ethical issues; placing pacesetters at the beginning in certain positions to set and affirm the agenda and "teach" and set the pace for the less intelligent who will follow them and who will repeat the routine mechanically without question it; promoting and increasing contradictions inside the family unit; pitting women against men and vice-versa, and Children against their Parents; taking almost totally away parental rights but at the same time demanding the raising of perfect and obedient Children, and arresting Parents and kidnaping their Children if they dare to discipline them; breaking the biological family unit by coercion or as a condition to return the Children illegally kidnaped; illegally kidnaping Children of poor Black and Latino Parents without a court order under any possible excuse; demanding superhuman requirements to poor mothers as a condition to get their Children back, and inventing a new target once she meets those conditions; counting with the unconditional backing of the Family Court System which is an Institutionalized System of Injustice set in place to give an aura of legality to this gross and cruel slow silent genocide of innocent Black and Latino Children; etc.

We have concluded that the design is highly thorough, and as days pass by, it is becoming more sophisticated and efficient. The more we investigate and more pieces of the puzzle come into place, we realize that the design permeates almost every possible aspect of society, and we are finding more pieces almost on a daily basis. It is a total, multi-pronged, multi-level coordinated simultaneous attack on the vast majority of the population to degrade them to something close to the animal level and keep them as useful semi-slaves. Those who do not fit the scheme are re-directed to the prison system, the mental patient population, or the homeless population. The advent of the computer, the world wide web, and the telecommunications revolution, has opened great possibilities, both to allow the social engineers to better track people, be more efficient, and make better projections, and on the other hand, to allow people all over the planet to obtain information, communicate among them and to network to free the planet from their oppressors. The present design is so efficient, that for practical purposes, someone trapped in it, has almost no way out. They seem to have thought of everything.

In NYC it is clearly unspoken State Terrorism against the Black and Latino population who is not well to do. State Sponsored Child Abuse is being fully implemented and "they" claim that it is even "legal". But ARTICLE 6 of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal states:
"(c) Crimes against Humanity: namely, murder, extermination, enslavement, deportation, and other inhumane acts committed against any civilian population, before or during the war, or persecutions on political, racial, or religious grounds in execution of or in connection with any crime within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal, whether or not in violation of domestic law of the country where perpetrated."

Family Court Judges in NYC over-enforce and stretch those laws and regulations that they find convenient to fulfill their scheme and totally ignore and even encourage ACS to become partners in crime with them to ignore those laws and regulations that would hamper their scheme. And even if everything that they are doing was "legal" (which is not), that does not mean that what they are doing is totally immoral, nor protect them from being charged for Crimes Against Humanity for their Cruel Crimes Against Innocent Black and Latino Children and their Families. The fact that what all those involved in this Cruel Slow Silent Genocide of Black and Latino Children do is "whether or not in violation of domestic law of the country where perpetrated", does not excuse them from being charged for crimes against humanity. Let's hope that one day all those involved in this cruel crime are held accountable and duly charged.

So the role of the Family Court Judges is not only to "legalize" this cruel scheme, but to oversee and enforce its full implementation. Furthermore they also are there to protect all those criminals involved in this criminal enterprise. At present all those involved are fully protected and totally unaccountable and getting away and profiting from their crimes, and State and Federal authorities conveniently looking the other way and refusing to intervene.

We conclude that in NYC, except if by accident someone has escaped the design (or perhaps someone who immigrates as a young adult) there are not going to be Natural Leaders of the caliber of Martin Luther King Jr. or Malcolm X, from the African American or Latino Communities, since they are being systematically eliminated while they are young, at present. Very clever, in that way the Beast does not need to resort to extreme measures and eliminate them as adults, as was the case with Martin Luther King Jr. or Malcolm X.

We have used Hegelian Dialectics and Dialectic Materialism as research tools. We reject the postulate that man must dominate nature. This shortsighted approach has caused great damage to the fabric of society, since many well-intentioned people, wanting to improve society, have tried to force nature. We maintain that man must know the laws of nature, its reasons and cycles and then, only then, in harmony with nature work to produce significant lasting positive changes. Man's efforts to force and control nature are very temporary and usually nature's logical reaction not only cancels any progress, but even sets us backwards. It is the blind leading the blind. Good intentions are not enough. Here the saying “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”, fully applies. From Information to Knowledge, from Knowledge to Wisdom, from Wisdom to Comprehension.

We have also used the concept of Organic Society, where everything is interconnected, interrelated, and interdependent. In this concept every one of its parts has a purpose and a function, and as such anything that happens to one, will in some form or another, sooner or later affect all others. Not only individuals are living organisms, but also sets of them, forming a group or organization, behave as a living organism. The organization behaves no as the sum of its individuals, but rather as a new organism. Here the Gestalt concept that "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts" applies. Thus, Organizations have its cycles of birth, growth, and decay.

We have concluded that although Class and Racial/Ethnic contradictions do exist, they are not as important as the Mental contradiction between the small minority who is awake and the vast majority who is deep asleep. That protecting, strengthening and expanding those who are awake represents our greater hope for the survival of our civilization.

We assume man to be fully responsible for everything that happens in the world, either for what he does, or for what he fails to do. It is illogical that man can ever find Peace and Justice, without his transformation. He must be in harmony with Nature, including other living species.

We have used the assumption that there is a Collective Unconscious, as well a Class-Consciousness, and a Racial/Ethnic Consciousness. This Consciousness is not static, but rather dynamic, and keeps not only changing, but also getting stronger or weaker, according to many factors, including some relatively new ones introduced by Social Engineers.

We have concluded that the vast majority of the population is asleep, in a state of collective hypnosis, totally unaware of what really is going on, with almost no conscious input in the direction of their destiny. Like cattle being taken to the slaughterhouse, most of them seem to be happy, some of them may at the last minute realize what is happening, but even those, would not know what to do. The fact that only a very small percentage of the population is awake and that through a clever design, the vast majority of them are being eliminated while they are young, represents a real threat to planetary survival.

We have concluded that in the final analysis, this is a Spiritual Battle, and we are Spiritual Warriors. Thus, a spiritual perspective greatly helps not only to see the big picture, but also to be more effective in our Social Healing initiatives. We respect all religions, and even non-religious individuals, but consider that in the process of transformation, we must emphasize the common spiritual background in all humans, our common humanity, and the need to work for our common good.

We value Freedom as among the Highest Human Values, and under no circumstance or excuse must we allow anyone to take it away from us. If we allow this to happen, we can be certain that Society will descend into a new Dark Age.

We are at a very crucial time in the evolution of our planet. We either rise to the challenge and start building Paradise on Earth, or allow those forces who oppose Human Progress to push us down the abysm and fall into the Dark Night of History. Do we have the tools to create a civilization without criminality, insanity, and war - where men are free to rise to greater heights? It is up to us. Are We fit to the Task?


Work together to create practical Social Healing initiatives to get rid of this Social Cancer, including educating everyone but especially progressive people about this vital issue for the survival of Black, Latinos and other minorities in NYC. If we succeed, we should spread the same strategy to the rest of the country since in the rest of the country where there are no significant amounts of Black and Latinos, the same scheme is applied against poor Whites.

We need to create a Human Rights movement around this issue as a necessary tool to dismantle the Child Exploitation Complex. This movement, once formed, will have a life of its own and behave as a living organism with the necessary growth, strength and momentum in order to be able to dismantle the Beast: another living organism.

We need to use the concept of Total War, and fight the Beast both from outside and inside.

We need to re-engineer Society in a positive, healing design in order not only to eliminated Social Cancers, but even to avoid falling into a new dark age.

We need to take away the profit motive from this scheme. At present the profit rewards are for the destruction of the Family and Society, rather than for its Strengthening, thus allowing people who are unconscious and weak to perform Social Injury under the excuse that they "are just doing their job". Profit is a very powerful drive among people who are not awake; so profit rewards must only go for Social Healing, Betterment, and Strengthening initiatives.

We need to reject any mental straightjacket, including the politically correct oxymoron. We must Think out-of-the-box, and bring new fresh ideas. The Mental Box where we have allowed ourselves to be placed, is the main obstacle to any solution.

We must go wherever our logical conclusions lead us. For this we must not be afraid. We must reject taboos and sacred cows, and be able to explore, investigate and talk about everything or anything that we consider important to solve our present situation. In this regard political correctness does a great disservice to human progress by trying to limit freedom of thought.

Perhaps, at this stage in our development, this is not a call to everyone. Only to the Brave Hearts, Freedom Fighters, Truth Seekers, those who in the depth of their souls Know that a Better World is Possible. We Know that It Can Be Done.

Contact: Rolando Bini - Executive Director - Parents in Action For Leadership and Human Rights,, 347-624-4830

You can see the original New York City Social Forum at the Internet Archives at the New York City Social Forum

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