Parents in Action

Volunteers Department




Parents in Action was founded on January 20, 2000 by its president Rolando Bini.



Serving Our Community.

Protecting, Preserving and Strengthening Families



Parenting Skills Classes, Parenting Skills Classes for children with Special Needs, Circle of Support for Parents, Circle of Support for Adolescents, Anger Management Classes, Domestic Violence Classes-Batterers Intervention Program, Yoga Classes, Nutrition Classes, Cosmetology Classes, Immigration Orientation, Census Orientation, Computer Programs and Internet Classes, Computer Assisted Instruction and Tutoring, etc.


Project 2010

The Red “ V “, Universal Symbol of the Volunteerism


Workshop – School on:


a) Will Power: What it is?  Where it is?  How it is manifested and developed?


b) Volunteer: Who is? What does he do? Advantages and Benefits.


c) Volunteerism and the Communities of the Future.


The importance of being a volunteer (a call to everyone): Children, youth, adults and senior citizens).


* Love for the volunteerism. Joy and harmony.

* How the natural laws work on the will.

* The creation of an annual festival on Volunteerism in Queens with the participación of all non-profit organizations.

December 5, 2010: Commemorating the International Day of the Volunteer.


Message of President Barack Obama to the Volunteers.


Parents in Action needs Volunteers to help us in our efforts to preserve families. We also prepare and train Volunteers at every level.