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“Any action that is dictated by fear or by coercion
of any kind ceases to be moral.” ~Mahatma Gandhi


New York State law provides religious and medical exemption with regard to mandated immunizations.

There is NO FEDERAL LAW on immunizations in United States.

In this country, under no circumstances does anyone, at any time have the right or the authority to immunize you or your children without your explicit consent. If they try to, you can charge them with “assault with a deadly weapon” and you have the full power of the law of this land behind you. You do have right and the responsibility to protect yourself and your family from any injury.

Legal exemptions and waivers are written into every compulsory immunization law in America. They are there specifically to protect you from attempted tyranny. ~While all immunization laws have exemptions, you must know the exact wording of the law for your state.

“According to CDC (the federal Communicable Disease Center in Atlanta, Georgia), physicians are required to first inform their patients of the risks involved before they consent to vaccines.”

We are fortunate to be in a Free American Society. We are free when we understand our options and choose to exercise them.      ~Summary from “The Immune Trio.

Sample Exemptions Letter

The letter below is just a sample for New York State. Please look up the law of your state at your local library. Look in the State Statute Revised Law Book under Public Health Law or Communicable Disease sections. In New York State, the religious waiver is in Section 2164 of the Public Health Law paragraph 9.



School Name
School Address

To Whom it May Concern:

   In compliance with NYS laws, I am writing this letter on behalf of my son/daughter ______(name), age__, who will be attending _________(name of the school) full time in September, 200_.

   I herewith submit written statement requesting that he/she be excused from any immunization requirements and other invasive medical procedures because we hold personal religious beliefs, which are inconsistent with these medical procedures. The practice of vaccination is contrary to our beliefs and would violate our religious principles.

   By declaring these convictions and presenting them in writing to you, I am complying with the immunization exemption provisions of NYS Public Health Law 2164, paragraph 9, which pertains to both public and private institutions.

    My son/daughter has been extremely healthy and we will not hold any individual or institution liable in the event he/she may become infected with, or ill from any infectious disease.

    Thank you.


Name & Contact Information

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