Parenting Skills Classes

(Continuously Running Every Week)

    Parenting Classes in English

    Classes Start:                      Every Tuesday
    Time:                                  10:00am to 12:00pm
    Duration:                            7 classes on seven consecutive Tuesdays
    Address:                             37-53 90 Street, 2nd Floor
                                               Jackson Heights, NY 11372
    Public Transportation:       Train 7 to 90 Street Stop in Queens


Our Parenting Classes are accepted by the New York City Family Court System. You do not need to have problems with Family Court to take these classes, nor you need to have Children. Everyone is welcome. Two of the main areas that we deal with are the Public School System and the Child Welfare System. The classes have a strong component of cultural sensitivity to Immigrants, African-Americans, and Latinos, and a non-religious spiritual background. Our Goal is to Empower Parents to take control of their lives and their Children's lives, and allow them to make the Best possible decisions for their Children, based on knowledge and facts.

    Pre-Register: or for more information call 347-624-4830

    Our Classes consist of 7 different Modules, each one of two-hours per week. Students must complete all 7 Modules in order to get their Certificate of Completion. If a Student misses a class (Module), he or she must make-up that specific class (Module). A Student missing a class can either make it up on the same week in any of the other schedules (if seats are available), or wait 7 weeks until the same class is repeated in a new cycle. New students are accepted at any time as long as seats are available. Cycles will be running continuosly one after the other without interruption.

To read the Curriculum of the Classes press these link: in English or Spanish

We also provide a Circle of Support for Parents. This is a totally voluntary event that we hold every other week on Saturdays afternoons and also every other week on Wednesday evenings. The purpose of the Circle of Support for Parents is to help them deal better with the Child Welfare System, including Family Court, and also with the Public School System

In Additon, we provide a Circle of Support for Adolescents every Friday afternoon from 5pm to 7pm beginning May 15, 2009.

Starting on Monday, May 18, 2009, we will be providing with an Anger Management Class that requires 12 weeks of training. Students that succesfully complete the training will obtain a Certificate of Completion.

The Circle of Support for Parents and the Circle of Support for Adolescents are free and totally voluntary. There is a fee for the other services.

For more information about our different activities, please visit our Events page.

To read instructions on how to reach the Classes site or to view a Map of the Area press this Link



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