Mental Hygiene Court

Mental Hygiene Courts in New York City are Institutionalized Systems of Injustice. Similar to Family Court, there is no Due Process or Jury. Their only purpose is to give an aura of legality to their gross Human Rights Violations.

Mental Hygiene Courts in New York City are presided by New York State Supreme Court Judges. They rotate among them to cover the Mental Hygiene Courts.

Parents in Action has created the Mental Hygiene Court Patrol in order to help patients whose rights are routinelly violated by the Psychiatrists and the Medical/Pharmaceutical Complex with the complicity of the Judges and Court Appointed attorneys.

Our observation of the Mental Hygiene Court procedings, points to an assembly line where the Judges approve any petition of the Psychiatrists and the Mental Hospital attorneys, while the Court Appointed attorneys, who are supposed to defend the Patients, either go along with the request or present a very inefective defense. The role of them being the Gatekeepers for this Racketeering Scam. With "friends" like them, Patients do not need enemies.

For more information on our initiative press this link:
Mental Hygiene Court Patrol

To Read Our Call to Action Letter of 5-31-2006 press here:
Call to Action Letter 5-31-2006

For more information on Health Care Proxy in New York State press this link: Health Care Proxy, New York State    


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