Children as Chattel

Parental Right under the 9th Amendment

Paired Contradictory Hypothesis Testing Matrix
(in PDF or WPD)

The Sociology Center: Child Slave Trade Project

The Sociology Center: Power Tools for the People

The Sociology Center Publications

Dealing with your Attorney

Conditions to Your Court Appointed Attorney    (Word)

Taking over your case

No Prior Consent Practice is Illegal  (Word)

Private Home Protected from CPS interrogation

Tenenbaum v. Williams

Nicholson v. Williams

Social Worker Fear Tactics Unconstitutional

Your Constitutional Rights

Constitutional Rights of Parents

Civil Rights Operation Parenthood

Right to Flyer outside Courts

How to Sue a Judge

How to File Complaint Against a Judge


Constitutional Rights in CPS Investigations

Foster Care Responsible of Abuse & Neglect

Suing Court Officials in Federal Court for Kidnapping Child

Social Workers Against Parents

Constitutional Right to be a Parent

Case Law: Right to be a Parent


Public Defender Can Be Sued

Ex-Foster Child Suing his Abusers

The ADA Defense in Termination of Parental Rights

Laws of New York State (scroll down for Family Court and Social Services)

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