The Family    

The family is not a product of culture; that is to say, not something of man's making. The family is, as great sociologists such as Bronislaw Malinowski in Sex And Repression In Savage Society (1927) have shown, "the starting point of all human organization" and "the cradle of nascent culture."

The family is what distinguishes man from animal in social culture.

The Natural Family is the Cell of Human Society and thus in any given historic space-time the social health of any society is the reflexion of the social health of the family in such society.

The Family is a Natural Social Construct and thus superior to the State which is an Artificial Social Construct invented by man for its convenience.

The problem that we face today is that the State has been hijacked by a very small group of people and in order to keep that control over the rest, they must impose Total Control over the life of the vast majority of people. They use the State and its agents for that purpose. In order to succeed they have unleashed a multi-level, multi-pronged unrelented attack on the Natural Family. They know that as long as the Natural Family exist, they will be unable to gain Total Control of society.

The Protection, Preservation, and Strenghtening of the Natural Family is not a religious or ideological preference but rather a Survival Necessity.




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