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Karissa Anne Lowell

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Missing Children, Why?
By Karissa Anne Lowell   
Last edited: Friday, February 07, 2003
Posted: Friday, February 07, 2003

This article is about Child Protective Services and Children falling between the Cracks.

Just a few days ago, in large, bold, black, print across Chicago-SunTimes read this 220 Children Missing.

What must one think when one reads this across a widely published newspaper?

When I was told this, I was horrified. Because I know that Child Protective Services is all about one thing and one thing only the Almighty Dollar

I am a watchdog and I watch The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. I watch any CPS in any state because I know that when CPS
removes a child from their parents care they receive big pay-off from the federal government.

Go back and read my last article about Shaking Baby Syndrome and see how this could have been avoided if Arizona CPS had left my best friend alone to take care of her baby son. If they had left her alone, Baby Jayden would still be alive today.

In fact, today is Baby Jayden's memorial service. I feel for my sister, Jennifer.

As she was victimized by Arizona CPS. Many years ago my second ex, Roy and I become victims of the Commonwealth of Virginia CPS.

They are solely responsible for ruining our marriage, our family, and
get great satisfaction by doing so.

My good friend, Michele Jordan, is now a victim to Illinois CPS and with a matter of weeks. It is highly likely she will lose her child and the state will terminate her parental rights.

When the State does terminate her parental rights. This will make her son eligible for adoption and the people who adopt him will be eligible for adoption assistance payments.

Does the State give payments to "birth" parents to keep their children. Hell no, they do not. If the child remains in the care, custody, and control of their birth parents. This does not bring in the bucks to the states.

In many states, children can be removed for the simplest things, i,e, not having a new tooth brush every three months, having holes in their shoes, and it is not because their parents don't want to give it to them. It is because the parents are experiencing financial difficulties and hardships.

Most parents are loving, providing people. They give their children what they need but not want they want. Because as we know, what we need and what we want are two different things.

If parents give their children everything they want. Their children will grow up to be spoiled adults. Spoil your children now, and you reap what you sow.
Parents create their children. If you create a monster, take responsibility for it.

220 children have fallen between the cracks of Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. The agency can not explain what happened to most of them and only can explain partly what happen to 70 percent of them.
The seventy percent is been aducted by their parents and taken to Mexico where they are safe.

What happened to the rest is unknown. Some could have been killed by foster parents.
Foster parents are given a licenses by the state to do whatever they want to do with your children once they are made ward of the state.
Most foster parents are receiving roughly about $800.00 a month for each child placed in to their care.

Most of the time, the social workers within a state CPS agency does not check up on the child accept twice a year. Other than that, unless the foster parent, school, or other agency asks to see the social worker responsible for the child's case the social worker does not know what is going on.

By law, i,e, federal law, every ninety days, the child who is placed into foster care. His or her case is suppose to be reviewed by a juvenile judge and judical review to determine if the child is to be returned back to his/her parents or if the parental rights of the parents needs to be terminated and this makes the child eligible for adoption placement.

Understand this, Adoption is not always the best answer for the child or parents. Just because the state says that the people who adopt according to them makes them parents, does not make it true .

Eighty-five percent of psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists have stated that children belong with their biological parents. Not with people that the state says in their eyes make fit and proper parents to have care, custody, and control of your children.

Adoptive parents are coming back now more than ever and screaming years later WRONGFUL ADOPTION. This implies that the state withheld certain crucial information on the background of the child that the adoptive parents did not know. This is so the child would seem more adoptable.

The adoptive parents came to find this out by other means, i,e, tests, problems the child had in school, psychological evaluations, and psychiatric examinations. When the psychiatrist or psychologist asks the adoptive parents did they know about these problems.

The adoptive parents can truthfully say they did not know about the child's background and health.

There is a saying " Buyer BeWare". Because this is what the adoptive parents are doing just that. They are buying someone else's child.

The state is paying the adoptive parents roughly about $750.00 a month for the first five years of the child's adoption placement. Just add it up and it is good sum. Does the state give this to the birth parents.

HELL NO! -the state gives nothing to the Birth parents to help them keep and preserve their family. There is no money in doing that .

What happened to many of these
children is a good question. Some have run away from deplorable conditions in which they were placed in the first place. Some have been aducted by their birth parents and left the country. Some have grown up and simply left and some have been killed but no one told CPS about what happened to the child.

Understandable, because if someone told CPS about a foster parent killing one of their foster children. They would be charged with murder and prosecuted.

Many states don't require that the social worker even have a degree in Social Work. They simply give the person a civil service test and if they rank high enough and show they can do the work. The state places in them in that agency that needs workers.

Just because a person does have a degree in Social Work, does not mean he or she is qualified. It just means they completed the necessary course work to do the job. Most social workers are not even married and have any children. What gives them the right to tell you or anyone else how to raise their child. A book scenrio huh?

I want every one who reads this to go to http://cpswatch.com and get involved.

Unfortunately, National Outrage.Org is no longer on the web. But get involved. Become a Watchdog.

Thank- you.

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