Suspended Scaffolding 32 hours

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Suspended Scaffolding 32 hours
  • Rolando Bini
  • OSHA Expert

This course is intended for hanging scaffold supervisors. It enables them to participate in the assembly or disassembly of hanging scaffolds.

NOTE: This license does not authorize you to work on a hanging scaffold. During this course, students will explore New York City building codes and OSHA regulations regarding the supervision of suspended scaffolds. Participants will learn the most current suspended scaffold standards and will include guidance on how to read scaffold design drawings, how to verify rigging equipment suitability, properly train workers on related hazards, and also how to identify and respond to emergency situations. emergency. This course will include a hands-on part where students will learn and apply rope knots, finish wire rope, build a rigging and block system, effectively install fall protection systems, and inspect different types of scaffold lift motors.

The instructor will conduct a practical assessment to determine if each student is capable of performing the scaffolding and rigging applications listed above. Each student is required to independently complete a multiple-choice final exam.

At the end of this course you will be able to:

• Identify suspended scaffolding systems and their essential components
• Discuss the common dangers of suspended scaffolds based on the statistical and historical data provided.
• Summarizes the differences between OSHA and NYC DOB scaffolding regulations and their sources
• Practical skills necessary to properly install and maintain fall protection systems
• Create a suspended scaffold inspection checklist using the requirements provided
• Apply various applications and connection techniques using ropes, knots and hooks
• Assemble the block and rigging for a light duty fiber rope scaffold
• Construct the wire rope termination to hoist the rope on suspended scaffolds

Duration: 32 hours
Hours: Saturdays + Sundays | 8:00 am - 4:00 pm (2 weekends)
Language: Spanish / English
Cost: $ 500.00 (Discounts available for groups)