SST 16/32 hours Suspended Scaffolds

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SST 16/32 hours Suspended Scaffolding

Proper safety procedures must be followed to avoid serious injury when working above ground. Before a worker uses suspended scaffolds, they must be trained on OSHA safety rules and procedures. Use this training course to enforce procedures every worker should know to safely work on suspended scaffolds.

Through this course, workers learn the correct techniques for scaffold assembly and disassembly, the correct use and placement of scaffolds, how to handle materials while working on the scaffold, and fall prevention and protection. This course looks at different suspension devices, as well as the importance of guardrails and personal fall arrest systems (PFA). Your employees will learn safe work practices such as: inspecting the scaffold and its components before each use, keeping the scaffold clear of debris, and taking precautions when arriving at the work area.

Protection is a top priority when working with suspended scaffolds. Use this course to reinforce the importance of safety procedures and awareness when using this type of scaffold.

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Duration: 1 hour (s) | Spanish Language

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