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Supported Scaffolding 4 hours
  • Rolando Bini
  • OSHA Expert

It is a face-to-face comprehensive safety training course in SUPPORTED SCAFFOLDING that aims to foresee the potential risks that this work area could present and how to handle them safely. It is aimed at workers who are going to work on scaffolds that are armed with tubes, forming structures that rise floor to floor according to the need of the project.

This training is exclusive for those who will be working on supported scaffolds.

NOTE: This training does not include scaffolding assembly or dismantling.

This course specifically focuses on supported scaffolds and covers the most common types of scaffolds, including rolling scaffolds, turntable scaffolds, and suspended scaffolds, in addition to common problems associated with scaffolds. In addition, course participants will receive information on federal OSHA regulations that apply to safe workplaces and safety when working on scaffolds. Participants will also learn information about the rights of workers to report unsafe behavior or fraud while on the job.

Students participating in this user course will learn the important principles required for user safety of supported scaffolds as specified by the New York City Department of Buildings.

Such topics include:

• Identify the typical scaffolds used on construction sites and the main components.
• Recognize the hazards and risks associated with supported scaffolds
• The general principles of fall protection.
• Principles of personal protective equipment and fall arrest systems
• Safe work practices associated with the use of supported scaffolds
• Scaffolding hardware and equipment inspection methods.
• Procedures for possible emergencies
• General familiarization with regulations and standards.
• Applicable NYC building codes
• Familiarization with the New York City Department of Buildings
• Specific rights of workers within New York City
Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive the respective course card.
Duration: 4 hours
Schecule: Saturdays | 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Language: Spanish / English
Cost: $ 120.00 (Discounts available for groups)