Supported Scaffolding 16h/32h

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Supported Scaffolding 16h/32h
  • Rolando Bini
  • OSHA Expert

It is a face-to-face comprehensive training course in supported scaffolding safety that aims to foresee the potential risks that this work area could present and how to handle them safely.

This course is for Scaffold SUPERVISORS and allows them to assemble and disassemble scaffolds.

In this course, New York City building codes and OSHA regulations regarding the supervision of suspended scaffolds will be explored. Participants learn the most current suspended scaffolding standards, including guidance on how to read scaffold design drawings, how to check rigging equipment suitability, properly train workers on related hazards, and also how to identify and respond to situations. of emergency.

This course includes a hands-on assessment in which students apply rope knots, terminate wire rope, construct a rigging and block system, effectively install fall protection systems, and inspect and maintain various types of lifting motors. scaffolding.

NOTE: This license does not include the right to work on them. A different license is required for this purpose.
Duration: 32 hours in 4 sessions of 8 hours duration, during two consecutive weekends
Schedule: Saturdays + Sundays | 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Language: Spanish / English
Cost: $ 400.00 (Discounts available for groups)