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We believe that educators
are innovative and that
we are all students

Padres en Acción is a non-profit community organization founded in January 2000 in New York City and incorporated in 2008.

  • We advise immigrants with their immigration documentation
  • OSHA training and certification
  • Counseling for the preservation of the family

Our goal is to protect, preserve and strengthen families and communities.

Make each individual a leader, an active member to improve society, willing to defend the human rights of all members of society.

Preservation of the family

We understand that the family is the element of inspiration that people have to achieve great challenges. We run workshops such as:

• Raising children with special needs
• Anger management
• Domestic violence
• Individual and family counseling.

OSHA certification

We empower members of our communities with education and training in the construction industry through courses to obtain the OSHA certificate:
• Scaffolds
• Flagger
• Industrial safety training
• Reading Blueprints
• Electricity Safety
• Boiler Safety
• Silica Precautions.

Why choose us?

We believe that our vision and our objectives are aligned with the desire of our community to move forward and achieve the prosperity that we all seek, and that has brought us here

Ease of learning

Our classes are in Spanish, however we handle the technicalities of the English language for a better development of the work

Experienced teachers

We have deep OSHA experience and with our experitice makes our content more interesting to our students

External Services

We provide external training services on work and family issues

Face-to-face Classes

We consider the importance of being in contact with instructors for better learning. We have 3 locations and schedules at your convenience

Our Experienced Instructors

We have more than 20 years teaching workshops and education at different levels for this reason our instructors are widely recognized in the community.

Rolando Bini

Ruth Grace

Jonty Rhoods

Maria Clisters